“Undue Provocation”: Fidel Castro on Ukraine and Palestine

Fidel Castro

Cuba, which has always expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people, cannot stand by without condemning the undue news of a Malaysia Airlines plane being shot down in mid-flight over Ukrainian territory, in the zone under control of the war-mongering Petro Poroshenko government, states the leader of the Cuban Revolution. Read More…

Communist Party General Secretary, Robert Griffths, on Cabinet Reshuffle

The Cabinet reshuffle is a cosmetic, PR exercise which indicates the kind of General Election campaign we can expect from the Tories.
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Communist Party Political Committee Report 13/07/2014

Britain should be a voice for peace, sanity and social justice in the world – not a junior megaphone for US expansionism and EU neo-liberalism, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths said this week. Read More…

WFDY Statement on the Israeli Attack on Gaza

The World Federation of Democratic Youth denounces the continuous attack on Gaza. That resulted in dozens of martyrs, hundreds of wounded and massive destruction. The Israeli forces launched, in two days, hundreds of missiles under the approval and silence of the imperialist powers. The same ones that agreed on 66 years of occupation, and signed the death of thousands. That support the Zionist occupation, the spread of settlements, the displacement of thousands of Palestinians, and the brutality of the occupation against the Palestinian people. Read More…

Challenge: Latest Issue

Challenge : People’s Assembly June 21st Special Edition

[June 2014; Volume 21; Issue 35] £1.50 + 75p P&P

Challenge June 14 postal-page-001Challenge
 is the quarterly journal of the YCL – it regularly contains articles covering all the latest news and views of the YCL, developments international, articles covering important historical developments, culture, different campaigns and struggles taking place in Britain and the rest of the world, as well as regular features such as the Back to Basics series (Marxist concepts made easy), Book@Bedtime and the poetry corner.

You can order a copy of the latest issue of Challenge right here!

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