People’s Assembly National Demonstration 21st June


The People’s Assembly has called for a mass national demonstration on the 21st of June to oppose austerity and in support of an alternative. The YCL calls for a great mobilisation in support of this demonstration. We will be calling on branches and districts up and down the country to come to London for the march on Parliament.

We say yes to class unity, no to class collaboration! The People’s Assembly fights for an alternative to austerity. The alternative is SOCIALISM – march for the alternative!

March for the alternative!

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EU exposed by the Left in Europe

John Foster, Communist Party International Secretary

John Foster, Communist Party International Secretary

A European left declaration strengthens opposition to the EU, writes John Foster CP International Secretary in the Morning Star.

This week 15 communist and left parties from across the European Union issued a joint statement on the reactionary and anti-working class character of the EU.

The signatories include the French, Spanish, Portuguese , Czech and Cypriot communist parties as well as the United Left from Spain and the Left Bloc from Portugal Read More…

Lifeworks Occupation: Health Trust Cuts Delayed by Brave Action

NHS cover

Plans to slash NHS mental health services in Cambridge to meet government-imposed budget cuts have been met with defiant resistance – Steve Sweeney who has helped organise solidarity, writes.

An occupation of part of the Tenison Road building which hosts the Lifeworks service is approaching its sixth week Read More…

The Big EU Jobs Lie

The reality of 'social Europe'

No2EU London candidate Alex Gordon exposes the reality behind claims that 3.5 million jobs will disappear unless Britain remains locked into the European Union. This article first appeared in the Morning Star 02/04/2014

The popularity of the European Union, not only in Britain but among citizens of every member state, is collapsing.

Eurobarometer, the EU’s own polling organisation, found public confidence in the EU at its lowest-ever levels Read More…

Workers’ Memorial Day 28th April 2014

International Workers’ Memorial Day is on the 28th of April 2014 and with the ongoing ConDem offensive against health and safety it is especially important we rally on the 28th to highlight this fact and galvanise the resistance. Memorials will be taking place the length and breadth of the country so make sure you attend your local event  (see list of events below) and read on to find out what you can to contribute on the 28th Read More…


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