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Young Communist League Xmas Appeal 2014!


Of the YCL, the CP, supporters of the working class and communist movement,

I would like to wish everyone an enjoyable festive period as we come towards the end of 2014. Although we are an organisation guided by dialectical materialism – we appreciate that most people whether of faith or indeed without celebrate during the festive period in one way or another! This year has been an important and demanding one for our class and our movement.

As was recognised at our 47th Congress over the weekend, the YCL has made important advances in this past year as we continue moving from strength to strength. This current ruling class offensive has continued and developed, and strides have been made towards a broad-based popular resistance. Despite this the working class movement in this country continues to struggle on the defensive under an unfavourable balance of forces. Read More…

A Great Success: YCL Scotland’s Latest Day School


Scottish Young Communist’s celebrated yet another successful public Day School [06/12/14] in the Communist Party’s Scottish Headquarters Unity Office Read More…

Communists: “It’s not about the deficit”

‘The coalition government’s strategy aims to increase corporate profits and enrich the rich still further – it is not primarily about the deficit or the National Debt’, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths told the party’s political committee on Wednesday evening [03/12/14] Read More…

YCL Scotland Winter Day School 2014

Class over national chauvinism

The Young Communist League Scotland is pleased to advertise it’s Winter 2014 Day School on Saturday the 6th of December! The day has an array of speakers on a variety of subjects and building on the success of the Spring 2014 day school promises to be an excellent event.

Read More…


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