Vote NO on the 18th!


Scotland beware the poisoned chalice of false independence!”

Chair of the Communist Party, Bill Greenshields, warns the promise of false independence is a trap that will weaken working-class unity. Read More…

TTIP – Capitalists in USA & EU stitching up Workers

Professor John Foster analyses the forces behind the TTIP negotiations and warns all workers to not look away Read More…

Communist Party History Film

90 Years of Struggle: For the Working Class and Humanity

“90 Years of Struggle” is a documentary about the history of the Communist Party in Britain. Produced back in 2010 the film is now being serialised on Youtube. Watch all 7 parts here.

Part One – Foundation

Following the world war (1914-1918) and the Russian revolution (1917) the struggle for socialism in Britain takes a new turn with the formation of a working class political party of a new kind. 
Read More…

Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths speaks on NATO Summit on RT

Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffths is interviewed by George Galloway (00:32 – 11:42) on the protests against the NATO Summit in Newport and the case against NATO imperialist aggression Read More…

Scottish Independence, Trident & the Question of Working Class Solidarity

HMS Vengeance returning to HMNB Clyde

YCL members outside Scotland give their take on the promises of ‘nuclear disarmament’ trotted out by the YES Campaign Read More…


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