Britain Needs a Payrise!


COVERJoin the YCL at the TUC organised ‘Britain Needs a Payrise‘ March and Rally on the 18th of October. The sham economic recovery paraded by the Tories bears no relation to the reality of the lives of workers across Britain who have been, and continue to be, pummeled with endless austerity, unemployment and falling or stagnant wages.

Add your voice to the thousands marching for an end to austerity and poverty wages – and join the YCL in arguing the only solution that can work is Peace and Socialism! Read More…

Iraqi Communists: Solidarity with the Iraqi People and Democratic Forces

Iraqi CP

The Iraqi Communist Party sets out the situation in the country and calls for solidarity with their struggle for sovereignty and democracy Read More…

Britain’s Communists say: No to Imperialist War! Solidarity against Sectarian Terror!


The US-led military intervention in Iraq and Syria has little to do with defeating Islamic State, rescuing religious and ethnic communities or promoting peace Read More…

Statement from Syrian Communist Party on Intervention


Statement from the Syrian Communist Party, fraternal party to the Communist Party of Britain through the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, on imperialist intervention in Syria
Read More…

Celebrating 150 years since the First International Worker’s Association


You are invited to a seminar celebrating 150 years of the founding of the International Workingmen’s Association 1864-2014!

When? 28 September 2014 From 10:00 am
Where? Marx Memorial Library, 37a Clerkenwell Green, London, Read More…


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