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YCL Vote Communist


Only Communist Party candidates will be campaigning for a Wealth Tax, the closure of British-run tax havens, public ownership of essential industries and services, a Trade Union Freedom Bill and a federal Britain with its own independent foreign and defence policy. Read More…

YCL Extends Solidarity to LSE and University of the Arts London Occupiers

The Young Communist League extends our solidarity to the occupiers in the London School of Economics and the University of the Arts London. We support their calls, amongst others, for no courses to be cut, for democratization of universities and their support for workers at the universities. The YCL has always been committed to free fully publicly funded education. The fight against the marketization of education is a fight against capitalism, and our class’s need for free education stands against that. The importance of turning this action into an ongoing movement is crucial, and in that we wish you luck and all the support we can.

Executive Committee,
Young Communist League
Read More…

Real Power for the People of Wales!


Trevor Jones unveils the political programme of the Communists which favours a far greater devolution of powers from Brussels and London including areas of industrial relations, culture, health and education Read More…

International Women’s Day 2015


Today (March 8) marks International Women’s Day, Zoe Hennessy General Secretary of the YCL has issued this statement on behalf of the YCL Executive Committee.

It is a time to reflect on and celebrate the past and current contribution of women to the struggle for socialism and equality, and look forwards to the struggles of the future Read More…

National Union of Students – Our Union, Our Voice

Daragh O’Neill, Student Officer of the YCL, gives his thoughts on the student movement in Britain and the role that communists should take within it to fight for change. Read More…

YCL Statement on the Anniversary of the Death of Hugo Chávez

Today March 5th marks the second anniversary of the passing of comrade Hugo Chavez. The YCL commemorates this occasion by stating that the Comandante will always be fondly remembered by everyone in our organisation and millions of socialists and freedom fighters around the world.

His voice was, and continues to be, the voice of hope and inspiration for our generation, showing us that the construction of socialism can and must take place all around the world. The advances that the Bolivarian Revolution has achieved in Venezuela are truly staggering and we stand alongside the fight that Chavez started, and which Maduro is continuing. We stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela, who face an economic war waged by the right and its imperialist backers, as well as numerous attempts to destabilise the political order of the country. We must make sure that Chavez’s legacy is not confined to a small footnote in a history book, but a crucial chapter in the liberation of humankind.

Viva Marx! Viva Lenin! Viva Castro! Viva Chavez!

Executive Committee,
Young Communist League Read More…


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