Communist Summer Camp 2015

Summer Camp

The Young Communist League is very pleased to announce the arrangements for the Communist Summer Camp 2015!

The camp will be happening from Friday the 14th of August till Monday the 17th of August 2015 and is open to all members and friends of the YCL and the Communist Party Read More…

First They Came For The Communists …..


Solidarity with Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU has organised a public protest against Ukraine’s new laws to criminalise Communism and glorify Nazi collaborators for Saturday the 25th of July. The YCL as an affiliate and supporter of SARU urges people to support this important event. Stand up to support our sister Party in Ukraine and all Ukraine’s antifascists. Wear a red item of clothing or carry a red flag Read More…

Greek Communists (KKE) Call for No Vote in July 5th Referendum and EU Exit


The Greek communist party, the KKE, explains the dire position that Greece has been placed in by the tyranny of the so called Troika. Solidarity protests in support of the Greeks, have been taking place across Europe Read More…

Young Trade Unionists Can Drive the Movement Forward


RMT Young Members is doing vital work to protect vulnerable youths from their employers, explains George Waterhouse, former YCL General Secretary,  president of RMT Young Members in a feature in the Morning Star Read More…

Morning Star Appoints Youngest Editor in 85 Years

Ben Chacko was appointed Morning Star editor at the end of May, making him the youngest editor of the co-operatively owned socialist daily since William Rust in 1930 Read More…

General Election 2015: YCL Executive Committee Statement

The Young Communist League Executive Committee acknowledges that the result of the General Election was a great setback for the left and the labour movement. The election of a Labour government would have been advantageous, lifting morale and providing left and progressive forces the chance to regroup and mobilise for a new drive against austerity.

Read More…


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