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YCL Extends Solidarity to LSE and University of the Arts London Occupiers

The Young Communist League extends our solidarity to the occupiers in the London School of Economics and the University of the Arts London. We support their calls, amongst others, for no courses to be cut, for democratization of universities and their support for workers at the universities. The YCL has always been committed to free fully publicly funded education. The fight against the marketization of education is a fight against capitalism, and our class’s need for free education stands against that. The importance of turning this action into an ongoing movement is crucial, and in that we wish you luck and all the support we can.

Executive Committee,
Young Communist League
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National Union of Students – Our Union, Our Voice

Daragh O’Neill, Student Officer of the YCL, gives his thoughts on the student movement in Britain and the role that communists should take within it to fight for change. Read More…

Tories Push Nationalism on Bolton’s Children

Statement from YCL North-West on enforced jingoism in Bolton’s Schools

Motivated by a desire to regain votes lost to UKIP, Bolton Tory Mudasir Dean succesfully passed a motion to request that schools in Bolton fly the Union Jack and sing God Save the Queen on a daily basis. Mudasir will be up against his ex-colleague a defector to UKIP. Read More…

Teachers Strike 26 March

In the last month, across England and Wales tens of thousands of teachers held public meetings, leafletted local shopping centres, lobbied their local MP or AM in support of the campaign Stand Up For Education.

On 26 March many thousands took strike action and marched. In Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff and London, thousands took to the streets where their case was warmly welcomed by parents and onlookers lining sidewalks.

Find out more about the campaign, view photos of the events and find out how students can show solidarity at

Teachers Unions Seek United Way Forward for Education

Gawain Little: Former YCL General Secretary & CP EC member

Gawain Little: Former YCL General Secretary & CP EC member

Former YCL General Secretary & CP EC member Gawain Little says next week’s professional unity conference bringing together teacher union activists is vital for the future of education.
On Febuary 13 the drive to privatise and deregulate our education system suffered a significant setback. This was the day the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB), the “independent” body which makes recommendations to government on teachers’ pay and conditions, released its 23rd report.
Michael Gove had asked the STRB to remove significant elements of the school teachers’ pay and conditions document, including the overall limit on hours a teacher can be directed to work Read More…