YCL Statement on Brexit

CP Leave the EU banner

Leaving the EU is in itself no defeat, or victory, but it does open up the possibility of the latter, in a way a remain vote never could. It was a victory for Democracy against an institution that is fundamentally anti-democratic. The vote demonstrates that many diverse working-class areas voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU but realistically forces calling for a left-exit were not dominant due to the mass media largely being in the hands of monopoly capital with no wish to publicise the radical left. Read More…

YCL Statement on the Panama Papers – Left hypocrisy: let’s cut through the BS!

PA demo

The revelations surrounding David Cameron’s tax-haven revenue scandal is certainly shocking. He should be doubly condemned for his own hypocrisy on the subject. It is, however, absolutely no surprise to the YCL to see the lead representative of the Capitalist class acting in such a manner. Read More…

YCL Statement on the Tory Budget

George Osborne budget

Chancellor George Osborne may be a particularly odious specimen however, it is important to keep in mind that austerity and its effects are not merely the result of one nasty man, nor even one nasty party. Austerity is the mechanism used to concentrate wealth back into the upper echelons of society. A clawing back of the social democratic reforms of the welfare state. It is in essence; class war. Read More…

YCL Executive Committee: Socialism & Feminism Go Hand in Hand


A statement on behalf of the Young Communist League Executive Committee to mark International Womens’ Day 2016 Read More…

New General Secretary of the YCL elected

Owain speaking

At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the YCL on 20 February 2016, our chair Owain was chosen to take on the role of General Secretary (a role that officially represents the YCL) after Zoe, our long-standing comrade, decided to step down. Below is a statement by Owain concerning his election as our new general secretary: Read More…


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