YCL address to International Communist Youth on the achievements of the October Revolution #WFYS2017

On 18 October 2017, YCL General Secretary Owain Holland addressed a meeting of International Communist Youth Organisations at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students celebrating the achievements of the Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917.

Comrades, so much has already been said tonight about the achievements of the Great October Socialist Revolution with which we already agree, so I will remain brief.

The Young Communist League brings revolutionary greetings from Britain on this, the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution.

We in Britain look back to a time when British soldiers mutinied and refused to board ships to Russia when the British government attempted to, in the words of Winston Churchill, strangle the bolshevik baby in its cradle. The Revolution was a process that opened the road to so many achievements for the Soviet peoples which resulted from the overthrow of the bourgeoisie in Russia. Internationally the Revolution lead to the defeat of Nazi Germany, gave crucial support to the fledgling socialist Cuba, countless liberation struggles and the war against apartheid.

Here at the World Festival of Youth and Students we see just how far the nations of the former Soviet Union have fallen from their great past. In Ukraine we see the rise and prominence of fascist organisations and anti communism, here in the Russian Federation the organising authorities have attempted to include some of the most unsavoury elements in the Festival. From this it is evident just how much work the Communist Youth of the World Federation have to do to maintain the character of the Festival and to create the kind of society we want to see.

There is a long way to go but we have the lessons and inspirations of the Revolution to draw on. Here’s to the future revolutions and to movement that we will grow and take on the road to socialism.

Sochi, Russian Federation

18 October 2017

YCL arrives at 19th World Festival of Youth and Students 

The delegation from the Young Communist League Britain has arrived at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students after a long journey from Heathrow to Moscow, then to Sochi, Russia. 

The point of this trip is simple: to join and share the debates with our international sister organisations, the Young Communist Leagues and anti-imperialist progressive youth groups who together with us constitute the World Federation of Democratic Youth, and help to make this year’s festival a success.For one week, we will be participating in festival activities and workshops where young people and students of the world will rally together for peace, progress and social justice, share their experiences and cultures and make lasting friendships.

Members of the Executive Committee of the YCL will be reunited with comrades whom we have met at international events, and with whom we share links but might have never met in person, and take the opportunity to share the experiences of our countries and establish closer friendships.

Finally, it will be an incredible and developmental experience for many of us, going abroad together as a team, working together at workshops and sporting events, and living together as an official delegation from our country’s youth for a week.

We will continue to build upon actions like these and hope that many more young people will place their trust in the Young Communist League as a voice for British youth in the future.

YCL Statement on the British Govt. vs. the Socialist Response to Hurricane Irma

The YCL condemns the British Government’s response – or rather lack of response – to providing aid to its overseas territories in the Caribbean, which is a stark reminder that the racism of a colonial power continues to this day. Its slack response to the disaster left its former slave colonies reeling from the loss of life, limb and home for many residents of the overseas territories of Anguilla, Montserrat, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands, whilst other countries like Cuba and the United States were prepared well in advance for the destruction.

On the other hand, Britain chose to neglect its citizens, leaving them to fend for themselves. If it had been Gibraltar or the Falklands, the British ruling class would have spared no expense to protect its people and military bases. But in this case, the British ruling class turns a blind-eye because the lives of Afro-Caribbean people are not worth as much as pit-stops for battleships and bombers. The YCL sends its solidarity to the working people affected by the hurricane and salutes the hard work of those ready to defend the livelihoods of themselves and others, particularly the Venezuelan Government, which is sending aid to Barbuda in this time of crisis.

The YCL also wishes to express its solidarity and condolences to the great socialist state of Cuba and salutes the efforts of the Cubans to aid other islands in the Caribbean in the spirit of true solidarity despite the wreckage visited upon the island by the hurricane.

YCL Statement on US aggression towards the DPRK

Young Communists in Britain reject Donald Trump’s stance towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which evokes the darkest days of US imperialism and aggression.

The DPRK’s right to pursue its own destiny as an independent and sovereign country is paramount and should be respected, while the scale of US military might in the region must not be forgotten.

Importantly, Britain’s young communists recognise the very real threat posed by US posturing, and the escalation of military capacities in the region. That the use of nuclear weapons by the US is even being mentioned is exceedingly worrying; the untold misery that the use of such weapons would entail does not bear thinking about. It should be well remembered that the only country in the history of humankind which has used nuclear weapons to ‘immolate’ millions of civilians is the USA.

There are no limits on the lengths imperialism will go to in order to realise its plans, as shown in Syria, Libya, Vietnam, Chile and countless others, and the annexation of North Korea into its sphere of influence remains one of the foremost long-term priorities for the US and other imperialist powers.

While much attention is given to the DPRK’s supposed ‘aggressive’ nature, and more specifically Kim Jong Un’s ‘volatility’, the capitalist media fails to recognise that North Korea’s actions are aimed at countering US aggression in one of the most militarised parts of the world. The DPRK’s very right to exist is being threatened by imperialism.

When the supposed threat posed to Guam by North Korea is mentioned, it is seldom acknowledged that the people of Guam live under a military occupation, and that the territory serves as a large-scale military base for the US, with ports for nuclear submarines, and as a launch-pad for incursions into Chinese airspace and the Korean Peninsula. With at least 6,000 permanent military personnel, all drilled not to defend Guam but to target its force towards the DPRK, China and even Russia, the attempt to portray Guam as a poor defenceless US territory to be defended from the tyrannical Kim Jong-Un is risible. It is extremely clear where the real military and nuclear threat comes from.

Efforts by China towards the de-escalation of threats and the resolution of this US-incited conflict are likely to be paramount and should be supported by all. 

Executive Committee

Young Communist League 

London, 16 August 2017

YCL Statement on the Success of Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly

The Young Communist League of Britain would like to congratulate the people and government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for a successful Constituent Assembly, which shall tackle the fascist violence of the MUD ‘coalition’ and go further towards the construction of socialism in the country Read More…