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A message from our General Secretary, Johnnie Hunter, marking the start of our September 2020 Recruitment Campaign:

  • Begin your education in organising for human liberation, Marxism-Leninism.
  • Join and organise campaigns, events and meetings across Britain.
  • Meet like-minded young people and have fun.
  • Together with other young Communists in Britain and around the world, build a better future for us all.

Our generation have only known austerity and deprivation, indignity and war, years of Tory rule and a right-wing media that whips up propaganda and discrimination in order to keep working people as divided and powerless as possible.

Our school system is crumbling. Further and higher education are becoming the preserve of the wealthy. Poverty pay, insecurity and precariousness are the reality for increasing numbers of the youth.

It is no wonder that mental health problems seem to be increasing exponentially among our generation. Hopelessness is bound to be the result when every aspect of our lives are filled with difficulty and doubt. Finding a decent job, a home to live in and building towards a fulfilling and meaningful future are impossible under this present system.

In the struggle for progress and Socialism, we each play our part in something bigger than ourselves, we play our part in the realisation of not only our dreams, but the dreams of our class and the whole of humanity.

We invite you to join us and play your part.

For £1, £2.50 or £5 per month, members receive our monthly magazine Challenge, invitations to activities, and a membership card.* Our members stand in elections within our organisation, organise activities and make our policies and priorities.

Membership of the YCL is open to anyone between 12 and 30 years old who lives in Britain and agrees with our rules and policies.

Before joining, you should read and agree to our programme Britain’s Road to Socialism, our Constitution and our Congress Political Resolution.

If you have any unanswered questions about Marxism-Leninism, Socialism, Communism or other topics, you can also read further about them or learn more when you join.

Complete the form below with your details. Our Membership Team will receive this form, acknowledge receipt usually within two weeks and pass your details on to your closest YCL Branch or Organiser. The relevant Branch or Organiser will get in contact with you about becoming a member of the League and joining a local Branch.

By completing this form, you consent to this membership process and agree that upon becoming a member you will receive communications from the League and its structures.

In addition, you consent to this information being shared with the Communist Party of Britain where appropriate, such as where you have asked to join the Communist Party or a Communist Party Branch has expressed interest in building a separate YCL Branch.

You can opt out of these communications and decide not to join at any time. Please inform the Membership Team and the relevant Branch or Organiser about this.

Are you based in Ireland or elsewhere outside of the British Isles?

Find your Communist Youth Organisation here.

*Please note that office operations, including print editions of Challenge and membership cards, are currently suspended due to COVID-19.